About Me

I'm Ben Murphy and go to Drake University. I went to

Pleasant valley High school in Bettendorf Iowa. Bettendorf is the very east point of Iowa. I have lived in Iowa all my life. I have lived and raised here in Iowa. I am now in Des Moines studing Digital Media Producction. This is my second year attending college. I am wanting to pursue the filming industry in sports.

I have gained a lot of experience with filming and Editing my first year and over the summer. I have been helping film the Drake sporting events. I have been helping film at the club called Drake Broddcasting system. Lastly, this summer I helped at a golf tornament in Illinois called John Deere Classic.

Clubs and jobs I am a part of

  1. Drake Brodcasting System
  2. Golf Club
  3. Board Game Club
  4. Video Production for Sports